Thursday, 24 March 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming a global mega trend. Corporations are trying to become sustainable in order to change the world or help with fighting the crisis of climate change. I was shocked when I learned that 10, 000 liters of water goes into making burger, fries and coke meal while thousands of kids die needlessly in Africa from dirty water. CSR is a global opportunity for companies to operate a responsible business. Many people ask why does it matter, what are the benefits for the company?  Well, I think that it enhances brand’s reputation, and organisations will be recognized for what they do. Furthermore, by being more efficient, it helps not only the environment but also company can save money in a long run.

I believe that CSR is a way to go however many companies are doing this merely to keep up with their competitors hence ruining the legacy of CSR.  The CSR Fashion Show picture says it all. Role of PR in CSR is important but it shouldn’t be owed by PR. It really should be everyone’s responsibility (e.g. all departments not only CSR one and even customers). What future holds for Corporate Social Responsibility? I believe that soon it will be embedded in all of the companies’ strategy worldwide.

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